ACL Injury Prevention Webinar

Biomechanics & Mindfulness.

Learn the biomechanics of ACL injuries and the mindset needed for prevention with Dr. Elizabeth Salas and Alicia Malcolm.

Concerned about knee stability in jumpers?

Learn the biomechanics of ACL injuries and the mindset needed for prevention with this 1.5 hr webinar.


  • Introduction of ACL injuries
  • Biomechanics and function of the ACL
  • Injury mechanisms in jumpers
  • Pathway to prevention.


  • Mindful living, optimizing healing
  • Enhancing body awareness for physical and psychological safety
  • Pain management and resilience
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Is this for you?

This webinar is for coaches/trainers or athletes who are looking to learn evidence-based prevention strategies to reduce the risk of ACL injuries in jumpers. It offers a practical approach to scientific theory to help you get an edge in your high performance training. 
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Meet the Biomechanics Instructors
Patrick Jones - Course author

Dr. Elizabeth Salas.

Dr. Salas has experience as a researcher, and lecturer in Kinesiology and Athletic Therapy.
A former pro volleyball player and movement optimization coach, with a PhD in biomechanics from York University.
Her research interests involve injury risk evaluation and prevention through the modification of movement strategies, and technological interventions to modify musculoskeletal loading.
Meet the Mindfulness Instructor
Patrick Jones - Course author

Alicia Malcolm, BHSc, Phty, PGDip SEM.

Alicia is the founder of World Huddle. She is a Movement Therapist and Somatic Alchemist informed by her experiences as International Athlete, qualified Physiotherapist and Yog(a) facilitator. Alicia is motivated by the need for mindful spaces and strategies for injury rehabilitation, healthy habit building, and reprieve from trauma, stress and burnout. 
Patrick Jones - Course author

Moderated by
Amar Shah.

Amar Shah is a communications and media relations specialist, and a former journalist with CBC and CTV News. Before getting his master's degree in journalism, Amar did an undergrad in environmental science at York University, where he also got a certificate in sport administration.
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