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Volleyball Academy.

Beach and Indoor volleyball programs are available throughout the year. 

We offer small groups to focus on fundamental skill development for children 9-13 years old. 

Tryouts coming on October 3rd and 8th at the Toronto Volleyball Center at Downsview. 

Check the Calendar and Click on the Tryout dates to Register.
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Learn About Injury Mechanics.

Get access to exclusive biomechanics talks with a practical approach for your practice.

Latest webinar:
ACL Injury Prevention: Biomechanics & Mindfulness,

by Dr. Salas and Alicia Malcolm. 

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By becoming a patron you will help us establish a Volleyball Research & Development Program to develop tools to support evidence-based training for performance and injury prevention.
Benefits Include: 

  • Discounted access to volleyball biomechanics content, such as articles and webinars
  • Discounts on upcoming volleyball skills academy programs & merchandise
  • Access to preliminary functional and volleyball biomechanical analyses at a reduced rate.

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