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Dr. Elizabeth Salas is a former member of Team Mexico and the Canadian Beach squad with a PhD in biomechanics from York University. Sessional lecturer in Kinesiology and Athletic Therapy.
Her research interests include the identification of mechanical factors
related to injury and movement optimization to reduce musculoskeletal load. 

Sokol Hakrama

Volleyball Programming
Sokol is a former member of Team Albania and Stroossen Professional Volleyball Club. He has a BA in Physical Education, and specializes in teaching volleyball technique to children and youth. 

Dr. Elizabeth Salas

Founder of Kinetika
Currently focused on making biomechanics available to the sports community through education, community involvement, and soon data analytics.

Monike Robinson

Video & Photography
A media professional with experience capturing the right moments. Inspired to help our team create meaningful online content.

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"I was practicing your lock jump technique yesterday with weight and I measured my speed. I am 0.3-0.4m/s faster with your technique! Fascinating!"

Safyia Karim

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